Moving Around

Sunday, November 24, 2019

This week’s weather information suggests that we might see snow. This area typically experiences a deep freeze and snow just before Thanksgiving. These days, climate change data suggest that weather ahead is more of a guessing game, but hopefully, we’ll have a serious freeze. That would kill the grass (sprouting greens remain apparent) and then horses could graze for hours without gaining weight.

My former easily-accessible neighbor used to let my horses graze on his dormant pasture, but he’s sold his property and moved away. I’ve not met the new owners, don’t know if they have horses, or how they intend to use their hay field in winter. Sometime ago in mid-summer, I arranged with another neighbor whose property is farther away, for my horses to graze on his unused pasture. When a freeze gets closer or actually occurs, I’ll trek over and remind him of our discussion back in the summer, hoping he’s still okay with allowing my horses on his property.

If a freeze is near that wasn’t apparent yesterday. The late afternoon temperature approached 60-degrees. I spent a couple of hours in shirtsleeves out exercising the horses. They were lazy, but at least willing to slow-trot and nowhere near breaking into a sweat. Right now, we’re re-starting their exercise program. They’ll get more into it as long as spots of favorable weather keep interrupting approaching winter.

Before working the horses, I managed to get myself out and over to the gym after long being absent from the place. It felt a bit awkward to re-enter. I recalled my old routines, but now those won’t work and I couldn’t prefigure a new workout. My best choice was to conduct activities most comfortable and highest on my list–the treadmill and a stretching machine. From there I’d use various equipment and decide on a routine.

The treadmill and stretching machine (done right) can consume an entire hour and cut deeply into available exercising time. An hour-and-a-half or two hours at the gym seems too much. Walks on my home treadmill before leaving for the gym would shorten strength-work time. An option is to break up a routine by doing pieces in each visit. I’ll attempt to do that using the “RBG Workout Book” as a guide. For sure, RBG’s efficiency doesn’t let her over-spend time at the gym.

By the way, she’s again hospitalized. Her many fans keep hoping for her the strength and wellness to keep going. She’s an impressive individual, a beacon for everybody.

Dear Friends: Today, at work, I’ll think about exercising horses and myself. Diana

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