Wintery, At Last

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

This photo shows Pimmy right after she entered the barn at dinnertime. It was early evening but already darkening with snow high-blowing and flying from the east. I was wearing a child’s waterproof hat and sporting a headlamp and snow goggles. Fresh snow highlighted the fuzzy coats of my horses. They had rushed into their stalls and were diving their noses into mounds of sweet-smelling hay.

My day had a steep downside and also some nice upsides. The downside of course was the sudden death of my mama goat, Sego Lily. Now, she needed removing to a final resting spot. Although small, she proved to heavy for me to lift into a vehicle.

For that early morning, my friend, Buzz (an Apple Products expert), and I had pre-arranged to meet over coffee. He listened and clarified much that still confused me about managing my new Apple Watch, Phone, and iPad. It seems they occasionally exhibit “spot malfunctions”. Buzz nods and says that’s normal among the trio, for “it’s learning” my movements and habits. Without other possibilities, I’ll adopt Buzz’s perspective.

While driving home, I phoned my neighbor, Frank, wondering if he could help help me lift Sego Lily and set her into my Jeep. Frank was beyond wonderful, willing to help and also to drive Sego and me in his truck to the landfill. (I had found they’d accept her.) Frank easily lifted Sego Lily into his truck and quickly we were on our way. Me with mixed tears, from the sadness of losing her–and relief (my property is rock-based, undiggable) for knowing an alternate destination.

Sego Lily’s twins seem to be coping. They’re eating, butting each other around, and seem normal. As the day darkens, I’m not out there, able to watch as they retire to the goat house and snuggle for warmth. I suspect they miss another.

Dear Friends: Thanks for your kind thoughts, easing my loss of this family member. Diana

4 thoughts on “Wintery, At Last

  1. I was saddened to read of your sweet Sego Lily. She and her kids had a good life with you. I find that losses like this call up earlier experiences and can get pretty overwhelming. Sending hugs. Dave’s brother and his wife left for Sacramento yesterday morning but turned around south of LaPine due to ice which made them skittish. Steve bought chains for his 2WD Ford Ranger and did some practice runs today and gained some confidence. They plan to leave tomorrow morning and we will keep our fingers crossed for them. 🙋‍♀️❤️

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  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Lily Diana. I feel your sorrow for not being able to bury her at home. Giving up our fur babies is never an easy task and my thoughts are with you.

    Take care and hope you’re going somewhere for Thanksgiving 🦃

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