Neighborly Event

Path alongside the house on its east

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Day and bunches of this season’s first snow. About eight inches (and higher drifts) fell on my neighborhood in a 24-hour stretch. Yesterday morning, wearing short boots that lacked cleats, I waded down to feed the horses, dragging my feet through deep snow and lifting freezing clouds of it to my ankles and inside my boots. Later, upon returning to the barn to release horses, I wore knee-high and cleated boots.

This snow weighed heavy on my mood. I needed to snow-blow paths and my driveway, but doing so would mean having to start the darned machines for a first time this year. In my experience, it’s taken visits from repairman Mike to get them going. In this weather, he’d probably already be too busy.

I decided to stop worrying and just chill out.

I hunkered into an easy chair for a long visit with thousands of episodes of “The Good Wife”. Sometime later, Miles’ barking aroused me from a doze. He continued muttering and I let him out before returning to Hulu. When Peaches began screaming, clearly something unusual was happening. I went to Peaches’ window. Way over by the driveway, Miles stood barking, but oddly, wagging his tail in a friendly way. That seem odd, so I entered the garage and peered through a window.

A bundled-up person who could only have been my neighbor, Frank, was snow-blowing my parking area! I grabbed a jacket, went outside. He’d cleared my long driveway!

Frank laughed, said he was out snow-blowing anyway. He pointed over to where our neighbor was driving a plow and clearing our roadway and said, “It’s what neighbors do!”

That’s when I got moving, bundled-up, and then uncovered my newest snowblower, stored as Mike directed–it’s gas tank full and with preservative. The electric starter (as anticipated) didn’t kick-in the motor. I tried and tried, and anyway, shuffled my feet downhill to the barn where stood waiting an ancient Craftsman Snowblower. This machine, after passing through several families, years ago came to me. It’s reasonably dependable, and yesterday didn’t fail, started right up.

Once you start snowblowing, it becomes addictive. An instant success, it creates channels of cleared snow and makes walking much easier. Mine blew its way around the barn and over to the horses, and then uphill to the house and on around the acreage, creating passages in several directions. Instant gratification and fun! Thanks to Frank, for clearing snow and helping me get going. And thanks to another snow-clearing neighbor for snow-plowing our county road and making it passable.

Next, we’ll be visited by a County snow-plow. It’ll re-clear and create berm-piles at the ends of residential driveways. Afterwards, few of us will be able to exit properties without first snow-blowing through those berms.

Anyway, about an hour after the initial failed starts, my newest snowblower did manage to snort up and slowly rumble itself into an idle. Will point it to a berm!

Dear Friends: Wishing you a Thanksgiving of friendship, love, and warmth! Diana

3 thoughts on “Neighborly Event

  1. Nice to have helpful neighbors like Frank! Hope you and your creatures are having a peaceful cozy day. We are flopping around. Dave’s brother and his wife chained up and are on I-5 near Mt Shasta. They plowed down to 50 miles north of Klamath Lake and were then able to remove the chains. They hope to be back in Sacramento with their cat between 5 and 6 tonight. We enjoy them but it’s nice to have our house and critter Routines back. ❤️😳 Sent from my iPhone



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