Ranch Thanksgiving

Friday, November 29, 2019

Yesterday our heavy snows stopped. After dumping horse hay on the white stuff, I transitioned to the house and through a window kept an eye on them. In 22-degree temperature their extra hay will help their “furnaces” keep working efficiently. In the coldest weather, human fingers buried deep into a fuzzy coat finds a warmth that winter gloves can’t match. In frigid weather my too-cold fingers often need normalizing. Unless there’s nearby a fuzzy horse, I enter the barn and rub my hands under an ultraviolet light that thaws and renews flexing.

After finishing with the horses, I entered the goat pen. The twins although eager to eat weren’t about to step away from their shelter and into snow. Nor were the chickens. There wasn’t a footprint of any kind in the snow.

I kicked a path toward the shelter and filled the goats’ feed bucket. Without mama goat’s presence the balance of power has shifted, and now, I saw Breeze successfully butting Poppy from the feed bowl.

Luckily, I found another feed bucket so they could eat separately–a first.

Poppy (background) & Breeze, with Potash

Once the goats got the hang of a second dish, they kept changing bowls to make sure neither had anything better. And still they butted heads, but Poppy got a fair share.

The biggest winner in the deal was Potash. She rouses herself earlier than the other hens and dashing from bowl to bowl dined with each goat.

Potash & Breeze

Ah creatures, so lovely!

Dear Friends: Hoping you had a lovely holiday, and now, are shopping wisely. Diana

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