December 2019 Super Moon (photo by Elaine La Rochelle)

Last night, this year’s final Super Moon totally was invisible in our rain-heavy part of the sky. Tonight will be the final appearance of that gorgeous circle. If the moon appears in local heavens, I’ll be watching. That globe lights the earth and generates optimism. Just think, all creatures from time’s beginning, upon seeing those full moons, have responded to its energy. Every creature has enjoyed, too, the moon’s pretty slices between its full appearances.

The header photo is a steal from my friend Elaine’s FB page. I hope she’ll forgive my hurried grab without asking first for permission. The thing is, Elaine gets great moon shots, and this one’s an example.

Transition question: How does the moon remind us of poetry?

Yesterday, my friend Noell and I met for coffee, and to discuss ourselves relative to the arts of writing and drawing. We brought examples of our creations since we last met. Both have been motivated by the recent deaths of loved ones. On her part, Noell is journaling, and for me, it’s a poetry binge. Noell is an honest, good writer, and hopefully, will go ahead and start a blog. I needed courage to reveal my poem. She got it! Discussing our efforts actively encouraged each. We made plans to continue working and will get together again.

I’ve been asked to include my poem in a blog and will soon. Meanwhile, the poem is undergoing revisions relative to cadence, sounds, meanings. Fortunately, rhyme isn’t an issue. My key ideas are written, but poetry is more than ideas…it has technicalities. I’m a starter on a learning streak.

What I have found by converting some complex feelings into concise thoughts, a poem draft can energize like the sighting of a full moon. Move over, Shakespeare!

Dear Friends: Last night, after writing a bit of Haiku, for Noell, I sent it to her. Diana

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