Lunch With Julie

Julie Gilbert

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Yesterday, my friend Julie at lunch introduced me to the Whole Foods eatery. I loved it, wondered why I’ve never gone to Whole Foods for coffee and prepared food. Especially since I sometimes shop there to find fruits for Peaches. Most of my time in that commercial area is in Costco where I work and conveniently shop. Yesterday, it was a delight to choose food items without being force-loaded with unwanted french fries, rolls & butter, and etc. At Whole Foods, with a large selection of prepared foods, one may choose exactly what and how much of it one wants.

Julie and I brought books to exchange, and especially were “into” the works of Mary Oliver, the poet. Julie and her daughter, avid fans, have many of Oliver’s books. Some of those came home with me on a borrowed basis. Last night, I began reading Oliver’s “Blue Pony” poems. She’s a wonderful writer.

The best part of lunch was the time hanging out with Julie. She’s a person who pursues bunches of various interests, and to boot, is a great listener. We talked nonstop, encouraged one another onward in our quests. She read my poem and was kind, but her questions suggested to me that the flow of ideas might be too abstract.

I came home and activated my right brain to conjure how to adjust and make my poem more accessible. Brain encouraged me to set goals. One, is to adjust the poem so it’s easier to read, and two, make it more fun to read.

My next expedition for coffee, and to sit with an electronic tablet, will be to hang out searching for meanings and striving for clarity, at Whole Foods.

Dear Friends: Julie explores surrounding areas, finds nearby lovelies, and shares. Diana

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