Night & Day

“Huggable” 3/4 Moon!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Finally, I slept soundly after a string of sleepless nights with semi-consciousness tossing. It’s weird, that while thousands of worries may parade through the mind, it’s nearly impossible to zero-in on what primarily is zeroing-out rest. Maybe we carry around many levels of worries, some routinely less bothersome than others, but during a non-sleeping and defenseless state all arise as a one-level jumble that confuses. I’m going with this after years of non-sleeplessness.

On the other hand, I’ve popped awake from what has seemed deep-sleeping, with my mind holding an answer to a problem that during the daytime seemed impossible. This happened during my working years and helped with technical issues; and nowadays, it helps me grasp ways to accomplish ranch-related tasks. The old saying, “I’ll sleep on it,” is a reality.

Anyway, last night’s sleep might have have been from having safely got the horses up and down the road to and from a neighbor’s pasture. How to accomplish that was a long-time concern that probably began last summer, when the neighbor whose pasture it is said my horses could graze there in winter. I began considering the distance from my place to his and other elements, like, beyond distance is paved street, vehicle traffic, and deer surprises. Additionally, my equines weren’t used to being led down a paved street, and there are horse temperaments in the mix. Over time, the ideas of using that pasture seemed either workable or totally unworkable, depending on my mood. Ergo, sleeplessness.

This morning in what’s predicted to be a day of good weather, I’ll feed the horses and then will lead them down the road. They’ll have a great day grazing on that pasture.

Winter grazing has become a reality for us all!

Dear Readers: Some can go out and do, but for me, all first must churn internally. Diana

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