Winter Lights

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Yesterday, out in a frigid morning and bundled in heavy outdoor gear, I hurried to feed the horses, goats, and chickens. I needed super-quick to return to my house and warmth. As I was leaving the barn, I saw in the distance and facing me a bright globe. It beckoned from atop the hill, lighting my upward path. That globe’s center so weakened by a cloudy sky posed no harm to a lens. I pointed my camera directly into that light and snapped the shutter.

I stood and stared at the interrupted-light and that tree-lined path. The scene seemed a natural for artwork. I could imagine capturing it in pastels of gray tones, or with charcoal pencils and white highlights. To this purpose and seeking a more intimate photo, I took a closeup.

Today, using these photos, I’ll work to create an art piece. I’ll play using charcoals and colored pencils, experimenting to find whether a distant or close-up view, or somehow a combination of the two, best suits my vision.

This activity will have a more utilitarian purpose as a welcome distraction from today’s long impeachment process. I can work toward creating art while keeping aware of drama in the House of Representatives.

Dear Friends: It will be mega-multi-tasking, using eyes, ears, hands, and brain. Diana

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