Happy In Pasture (Susie Neubauer photo)

Thursday, December 19, 2019

After an intense day of impeachment, this morning let’s think about horses. For sure, horses aren’t relaxing as caring for them consumes mega-attention, -effort, and -resources. Horses commonly give-back by distracting humans awhile from all other worries.

Today’s header photo, captured by my neighbor Susie as she drove past, are of my horses in a neighbor’s dormant pasture. There they may graze as winter weather will allow. For them and me, a new experience is walking the almost quarter-mile to and from that pasture. I’m experimenting by either leading all three at once, or taking two together and then returning for one. They’re happiest when all together, but my cautious donkey, who makes me mega-tug to keep her moving with the horses, wears me out.

I dashed to a store and searched for new hiking shoes. They needed grippy soles and internal cushioning, to reassure as I’m afoot on streets with horses. My feet must be well-supported and my steps sturdy.

This pasture arrangement has promise and is workable, but for me not yet a relaxing deal. As a plus, despite many new process issues that need facing and resolving, having to wrangle horses was more fun yesterday than a high alternative, hours of combative television.

Dear Friends: Humans and horses alike tend to resist change, but we all do learn. Diana

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