Spittin’ Weather

Breakfast in spittin’ snow

Friday, December 20, 2019

Yesterday’s weather was confusing with periods of sunshine, rain, light snow, and blowing winds aplenty. I hesitated to take the horses down the road to my neighbor’s pasture, not sure how wet the day might become or how heavy the winds. That pasture has neither a shelter structure or sheltering trees.

That’s why the horses stayed home, they spent the day mostly hanging out in their loafing shed. I’ve been wondering whether today they might go to pasture, because snow is being predicted. It turns out that the weather outlook doesn’t seem bad until later this afternoon, or tonight. Now, this evening is when the snow is anticipated. Maybe the horses and I will take a chance and make the trip down that road. The worst might be me having suddenly to go outside and battle wind and rain to gather them for the trip home.

For the next couple of hours, I will watch the weather and decide whether we may go or will stay home.

Meanwhile, last night I began drafting a poem for Rosie. This effort so far is less complex than my first attempt at a poem. The earlier one for my sister remains in construction, it needs time to rest. Rosie on the other hand is an easy visual. She’s straightforward, honest, and fun to write about. Maybe her poem will get whipped into shape quickly enough for insertion in tomorrow’s blog.

Dear Friends: Tomorrow will dawn this year’s shortest day, Whew! at last. Diana

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