(Note: If this doesn’t format correctly, please excuse, am using new arrangement. Will rewrite for tomorrow morning. Diana)

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Here’s a true story from this morning, at about 4:00 a.m.:

                              An Owl

Before daybreak, a bomb-blow against the
 picture window, a giant thud that causes no
 Breakage. And now, silence. Dogs not barking.
 I go to the window. 

 Nearby, on the ground, and slightly shocked,
 A fluffy young owl gives its head some quick shakes
 Before raising golden eyes and returning my stare.
 Bird is unafraid. 

 “Owl, what drew you into my window?”
 Its feather-heavy head turns, the large wings spread, and
 Bird lifts smoothly. It glides high and toward the top
 Of a tallest juniper. 

 Suddenly, my Cockatoo in his condo-cage beside
 That picture window, begins screaming about an
 Owl's heavy crash into our picture window,
 Directed toward himself.

 Into the night my bird screams his story, of the owl's 
 Attempt to pierce our heavy window, of the Owl's strength and
 Imagined opportunity. My bird warns the world that  
 Great danger lurks. 


Dear Friends: A quick scribble can capture some powerful moments. Diana

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