Color & Hope

Frank & his dogs, Jan. 01, 2019

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

It’s not unusual to see my neighbor, Frank, playing with his Aussies on their side of a fence that separates our fields. On last year’s first day, with the weather warming enough to melt snow, I stood near my horses and caught this cool shot. Seconds later, Frank and I waved to one another and moved toward the fence for a morning conference, one of our brief gabs.

When I was young, intense, and seeking my way in the world, I ignored neighbors who weren’t problematic. After moving to California and buying a house, in which I lived for twenty-five years, things changed, for wonderful neighbors found me. The Hernandez family, a loving clan, ignored my avoidance of a neighborhood involvement and embraced me. No preconditions for their friendship and affection. Finally, my moving from LA to Oregon meant leaving the neighbors I loved, but we still are emotionally connected and in touch.

The Hernandez family opened my eyes to the loveliness of neighbors, pleasant and friendly, who might become good friends. Here in Oregon, I’ve tried hard to value the neighborhood and interact positively with neighbors. I didn’t anticipate finding folks like the Hernandez family.

Several years ago, Frank and Annette moved from CA and became next door neighbors. I felt comfortable with both. Annette works during daytime hours and Frank is retired. We’ve became over-the-fence buddies with similar views and politics. Over time, I found that Frank is a fellow who can accomplish almost anything. He’s often my go-to for knowledge and muscles. In snowy holiday seasons, when Annette’s free from her work, she’ll show up to check on my welfare. I appreciate them.

And, suddenly am realizing how much they’ve come to mean. Perhaps the recent loss of my sister and a sudden sense of disconnection makes my world appear differently. Now, I see Frank and Annette, like the Hernandez family, loving and caring. And living next door!

I am fortunate als0 to have found, and got to know well, other family units–folks nonjudgmental and caring–that I can feel very close to. As this year ends, it’s my good luck to know I have friends who are dear. They help me visualize a New Year in color and hope.

Dear Friends: Thanks again, for following my blog over its first year on Word Press. Diana

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