Some Close-Ups

Wednesday, January 01, 2019

My photography hasn’t particularly been area-focused. But here’s a nice view of our destination when I take my three equines to a neighbor’s pasture for a few hours of grazing. In winter, there’s little prettier than the naked tall aspens contrasting brightly against those surrounding conifers.

After studying the scene, I turn to face the opposite direction and begin studying my view later upon starting to walk home. In its unique way this back view is very pretty. Right now, remaining spots of snow identify a deer trail that follows the fence line. This backside area seems a little wild, a spot delightful, tucked among the rural homes.

Now my eyes and mind are focused on my surroundings. Walking home, I see lots of curious spaces that tickle my imagination. One example, on the road’s edge, a tunnel hideaway for some small creature.

I’ve made a key resolution for this New Year, to keep my eyes open more and look for Nature’s natural beauties. There are so many easily-sighted and incredible possibilities. From personal experience, I know that seeing expands our notions of potential, encourages us to feel, and saying it simply, elevates us to joy.

Dear Friends: Have a Happy New Year filled with looking and appreciating! Diana

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