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Horses in pasture

Sunday, January 05, 2020

This morning for the first time I wrote the year correctly. Maybe I’m climbing into the swing of things somewhat. But I yearn to back up, to resist that January began with America’s slaughter of a key Middle East figure. I anguish over the future that the killing might foster. Because of this, I’m avoiding television talking heads, and instead, seeking maximum escapism. I’ll subscribe to more streaming services, and spend lots of time outdoors with a camera, roaming.

The sights are wonderful as I walk home after leaving the horses on pasture. For one thing, it’s Oregon and often simply looking up is joyous.

Trees & Sky 1
Trees & Sky 2

My home is in a semi-rural area with interesting terrains surrounding my walks to and from the horses.

Looking Uphill

There’s also more to see everywhere on the ground.

Walrus Rock & Hideout Holes

If my neighbor Frank happens to be out, observing and thinking, maybe we will chat for a bit.

There’s so much to enjoy while keeping one’s mind on the here and now.

Dear Friends: If you tire of photos, let me know. Meanwhile, I’m into it. Diana

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