Tree Hugging

Monday, January 06, 2020

My mini-espresso machine arrived last week. After plenty of testing (at Costco while handing out samples, and also here at home) it’s proved worthy. Included in its packaging were sample espressos, all taste fine. Now, as hoped, sipping on an early-morning just-right espresso is stimulating my brain; but not as anticipated with better ideas springing up. Instead, I’m a bit more OCD–unstoppably messing with raw photos.

It’s partly from the coffee, and also, my growing desire to employ every sense to assess a photo’s possibilities. It’s impossible to reach out and physically touch a computerized image, yet it can be manipulated. It’s impossible to sniff and smell a computerized image, but a raw capture or good adjustment may trigger a viewer’s sense of smell, and similarly, create a sense of taste.

Of course, a good photo arouses many feelings. So, all aspects of photography employs all our senses, from the physical experience of pointing a lens, to the physical and imagined experiences while editing, and ultimately to our viewing satisfaction.

Now, it’s easy to explain how greatly I’ve been captured by this juniper. It’s tall, symmetrically-shaped, and also a quadruple, with four trunks.

Initially, the tree’s size and symmetry beckoned me toward it. Its appeal increased as I got closer and began to recognize the sources of its strength and stateliness.

I moved in much closer wanting to get into its details of rough bark and complex contours.

Upward, a canopy of branches stimulated my senses of shelter and filtered light in ways comforting and satisfying.

I could have stayed right beside that tree, even had a yen to set up camp beneath its protection.

But my nearby home calls also and drew me away from the tree. It’s satisfying enough to know this tree. My point is in knowing that something will remain in place, that may offer passers-by the senses of beauty, protection, and peace. For me, this tree always will be comforting.

Dear Readers: Easiest to blame all this on the new coffee. Diana

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