Moon (Canon 50x zoom lens)

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Amidst the ballyhooing about greater-than-great cameras on the newest iPhones, I purchased one and tried using it to get “good shots”. That would be a starting point from which I’d develop and refine my shooting skills. Unfortunately, the months of trial and error drifted to disappointment. The bottom line, is that my iPhone’s auto-adjusting camera captures satisfying up-close shots, but manually adjusting the lens delivers pixelated photos, barely satisfying if at all.

Last month, during 2019’s final winter, huge-moon phase the iPhone proved too frustrating. A big moon appeared for several nights in a clear beautiful sky, seemingly impossible not to capture. My iPhone couldn’t get an okay image. Well, maybe the phone wasn’t why, maybe my lack of knowledge and experience was why.

Anyway, my hoping increased for clear and story-telling pictures, and this began countering my resistance to bigger cameras. Big cameras are heavy, cumbersome, and in the way when not in use. They usually hang from the neck and must be removed before one can perform physical work. If the camera’s in a backpack, putting it to work takes way too much time.

Last night, we had a 3/4 moon–a shape I love, roundish and soft-looking. Unfortunately, active clouds scuttling over the moon were causing periods of invisibility. When the moon did appear, fast-moving clouds threatened to obliterate it. I hurried into the house for a camera that could focus quickly and capture well. Today’s header photo is my first decent moon shot since last I used the zoom Canon.

Even so that gig wasn’t easy. I waited outside peering through the camera’s autofocus and watching that moon appear and disappear. Some shots were disappointing, as if produced by my iPhone, but today’s moon photo turned out good and clear against a too-dark sky. I’ll take it as a success and will start carrying a big camera that’s capable of capturing images near and far, and when needed, stopping the action.

From yesterday evening, here are a couple of nice images.

Still Life
Toward Sky & Moon

Dear Readers: Good camerawork helps to brighten the gloom of January. Diana

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