Sky Alight

Middle & North Sisters

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Yesterday morning, the Cascades were bright and clear on the horizon. My zoom camera captured the Middle and North Sisters Mountains. The third Sister lays south a little too distant for an up-close view of all three peaks, but it’s an impressive standalone.

South Sister

Our local range extends south of the South Sister. The most southward, Mt. Bachelor, is Central Oregon’s busy ski slope, a popular tourist attraction. Just north of Bachelor, my favorite cluster of peaks create the jagged topline of Broken Top, an ancient-spent volcano.

Mt. Bachelor & Broken Top

The busy and beautiful sky in a clear morning gave me a good glimpse of distant Mt. Jefferson. Here’s the sky:

Morning Clouds

Mt. Jefferson is north of the North Sister and precedes Mt. Washington. It’s often not visible from my property, but yesterday was a reasonably substantial sight.

Mt. Jefferson

Included in the near range and following Jefferson are Black Butte, Mt. Washington, and Three-Fingered Jack. Much farther away, Mt. Hood, punctuates the border between Oregon and Washington. I’ll have to travel to photograph beyond Jefferson, and will.

Dear Readers: This area’s historical and contemporary geologies are fascinating. Diana

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