Glowing Texture

Thursday, January 09, 2020

I was out wandering with my iPhone camera and trying to keep my right brain to the fore. The right side probably began as my dominant side, but over years of working in large corporations, my right learned to shut down while the left worked to wring data from various inputs. In for-profit organizations data-drawing equals creativity. In truth, I barely became data-oriented but managed well enough to hang onto my jobs. But recently, I’ve recognized that my right side tends to drowse.

This has me in a combative mood and I’m using cameras as tools to enhance my imagination. This has been stimulated during solitary walks along neighborhood streets, while coming home after leaving my horses in a neighbor’s pasture, and later, in returning to that pasture to lead them home. On one of my walks, I zeroed-in on the golden tree trunks in today’s header photo.

On another stroll, a lava rock caught my eye reminding me of an early Picasso sculpture, one of my favorites, of a woman’s head. My right brain saw that rock as similar to Picasso’s boldly structured perspective. My brain adopted the rock, cleaned and refined it, and created a sculpture of my own.

As another rock-inspired image, this lava rock appeared castle-like and encouraged me to seek for comparison an actual rock castle. I found an ancient one that’s famous and adds potential to my vision.

Dear Friends: A little effort makes everyday more fun and the world a better place. Diana

One thought on “Inspiration

  1. I love the way you keep challenging your brain. How about lunch together at WF next week? I could meet you there on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I would have to leave by 1:00 on Wednesday so that I can fetch my granddaughter Abby to volunteer at the Humane Society. The elementary schools have early release on Wednesdays so that’s a good day for me to be with her. She reads to the cats but ends up mostly playing with them which is OK. She has her own cat, a darling named Jasper. He is almost like a dog, comes when she calls him. She is mostly very gentle with him and he lets her know if she is getting too wild. I hope we can put together a Lunch date. ❤️😊🙋‍♀️

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