Peeking from a peak

Friday, January 10, 2020

There’s not much sweeter than a little snow, covering shallow earthen flaws and freshening the air. Our snow fell early in the morning, under a setting-first Wolf Moon, and laid a very thin white over almost everything. Before most of it melted, I went outside and roamed, looking for cleverly-altered views and objects.

Dogface Rock & lichen, with snowy moss & grasses
Path skyward

The snow transformed spots on my property, and also, alongside the road. I took an early walk and searched for the temporary enhancements. This photo is of rabbit brush that highlights a deer trail. The rabbit brush, plentiful this time of year, stand out among all other, and mostly dormant, plants.

This dusting of snow introduced me to a fresh sight. It highlighted a previously unnoticed lichen-covered rock in a general shape that I enjoy. (My brain has begun cataloguing this shape as a “castle rock”.) The early-morning combo of lichen-plus-snow enriched its natural appeal.

Finally, here’s a naked rock, without snow but what sorts of markings? On its surface are circles, permanent-looking, and seemingly, not of chalk nor recently scratched by human hands.

Hyiroglifics? Fossils?

My little outing turned into another lesson, or reassurance, of how on overcast damp mornings, nature adjusts its natural art. Doing so creates new pinnacles of beauty and appeal.

Dear Friends: Rain will fall today, and I’ll be out in it with a camera. Diana

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