After Rain Moon

Wolf Moon rising in the east

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Last evening’s Wolf Moon was a stunner. Stopped me in my tracks. I regained myself and rushed to get a zoom camera in my hands.

The above photo has a halloween-like complexity and compelling mood. The photo below, unembellished and powerful, is an example of my inability to capture the colors of surrounding sky that make this clear moon most-stunning. There’s little to compare with the sight of it seeming to float among moving clouds and through variations of light.

This morning’s western sky, cloudy from an overnight rain, currently is dropping light snow. Makes it impossible to see this moon settling beyond the Cascades, a compelling sight that equals the beauty of its early evening emergence in a clear sky.

I’m beginning to accept how accurately modern technology can forecast the weather. Yesterday, the Weather Channel indicated that we’d have rain starting at 1:00 p.m. The morning had a sunny sky, relatively clear, and I decided to walk the horses to my neighbor’s pasture. A wonderful pasture but it lacks a shelter. In case of more than a very light drizzle, I’d want the horses home pronto.

Here’s that innocuous sky as I walked home after leaving the horses to graze.

I went shopping for art supplies and then stopped in Costco, where of course, I chatted with co-workers and familiar customers. I forgot about the weather before emerging at 2:30 and finding myself in a heavy drizzle. The area was wet enough to assume that rain had begun when predicted.

I rushed home, tossed on rain-gear and hurried to the pasture. The horses were grazing, their coats wet, they totally were disinterested in my appearance. I had to walk the entire stretch of wet grass to adorn them with damp halters and lead ropes. We started home facing into the rain, with me keeping us in lockstep and hyper-alert to possible vehicles coming toward us.

No vehicles, until we neared my neighbor’s driveway, when I saw two behind us. The drivers kindly pausing and waiting for us to get out of the roadway. I saluted thankfully and quickly moved the horses into the driveway, whereupon the drivers, waving and smiling, passed by.

That was my first test with rain, and one I’ve anticipated. Not so bad, having to walk the three horses a quarter-mile and facing into a rain. Fortunately, yesterday’s rain was moderately-driving and not heavy, and taught some lessons. One was that the horses will walk calmly in it with me. Two, and most of all, I must pay close attention to weather predictions.

Dear Friends: Snowing, maybe soon clearing for another interesting walk. Diana

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