Bluish Hue

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The topic again is snow, because this season seems somewhat different. We’re steadily receiving snowfalls in series, but with little accumulation. Between falls, the stuff underfoot is a little icy and crunchy while the larger environment feels less cold than in previous years. Maybe there’s more ground-warmth, and enough, to hinder accumulation despite adequate snow.

I know, of course, to leave theories to the climate experts. So, I’ll speak to what’s easiest. Last evening’s environment, a light snowfall gave the atmosphere a bluish hue. The dimmer light recreated and made ordinary scenes newly appealing.

I worried that new snow predicted for all afternoon might be heavy, and so, kept my horses at home. The snows fell, all right, but lightly with bare accumulation. The horses would have been fine on pasture in this snow. I considered taking them over but felt uncomfortable about possible footing issues walking on the roadway.

So, here’s yesterday’s key to-do item, and one required quarterly, for which I feel sheer hatred. It’s about having to rush income tax payments to the Post Office, pronto, so they’re postmarked prior to the due date. This year, I felt extra angry thinking about the 1% wealthiest compared to my pitiful position among the 10% poorest. It’s feelings of sheer hatred toward an unbalanced and unfair process.

Then home to unwind, by hanging out with the dogs, feeding horses and goats, and spending a long while gazing at the Cascades. Studying the western sky gives me hopes of grasping a better sense of approaching weather.

Dear Friends: Being in and appreciating blue hues, beats dealing with feelings of blue. Diana

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