Sky & Political Blues

Pilot Butte

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Yesterday evening, the view from my property of Pilot Butte underscored an overall “bluish environment”. I spent most of the day working inside and customers said that outside, although very cold, had become clear and sunny. That perception didn’t last until I came home. These photos of the animals working through their hay reveal the cloudless and icy-blue sky.

Sunni (looking north)
Pimmy & Rosie (looking south)

I finished quickly enough with the horses and goats to enter the house in time to watch the final presidential debate. I didn’t expect to hear much different from past debates and was more interested in other aspects. Like, how articulately the candidates responded to questions, whether their comfort levels more fully had adjusted to the pressures, and whether an appearance of “Presidential” might suddenly pop-out. Those candidates still face long roads ahead.

Locally, the Central Oregon Chapter of NOW (National Organization of Women) has had serious problems. It’s on the verge of collapsing. The Chapter has scheduled a meeting in early March to drum up interest and volunteers, or completely to shut down. When the Chapter began a few years ago, I joined enthusiastically, but its meetings were poorly communicated. In real time, they were disorganized and confusing. After I dropped out, incoming communications stopped, and I forgot about NOW.

Until Local NOW has reached out for help. I will attend its meeting to learn more about the organization’s problems, and mostly, to find if possible leaders have clarity and real willingness to make better efforts. Throughout our nation’s current presidential cycle, both national parties have seemed a mess. Along with other citizens, I’ve become frustrated. Finally, I wonder, if in some way, by drawing from my education and professional background, I might help with reorganizing, and creating more clear messaging.

Dear Friends: Our national and local politics seriously need help and improving. Diana

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