Winter Beauties


Thursday, January 16, 2020

I walked home after leaving the horses on pasture and spotted a mature tree with a massive trunk. Making the tree interesting is that, during its early life, it produced multiple branches that today appear very strong and distinctive. That tree full of character is here in larger perspective.

Despite the afternoon’s icy-bluish nature, I bundled-up to walk the horses to pasture. Our streets were slippery, in appearance, so my boot-bottoms had heavy cleats. Our quartet moved slowly, carefully. Once in that pasture, the horses were happy, even with only sparse tasty grass. It took all my strength to break thick ice on their lonely watering trough.

Rosie & Pimmy

I left the beasts searching for tidbits and turned toward home, enjoying my searches for new and compelling “snow art” scenes, and also, I peered upward. I wanted to interpret the icy-blue sky, filled with clouds and busy with weather warnings. All that’s overhead are readable messages, or “sky news”.

Still early today, our local sky remains icy-blue, but now it’s an uninterrupted blue. Our overhead hasn’t even a single cloud.

Dear Friends: This winter, although warmer than usual, is as beautiful as winters past. Diana

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