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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Writing frequent blogs is a challenge that forces me to think harder and learn more. To cobble writings that are interesting enough to hold readers is easier said than done. Through experience, I’m learning that it’s essential for a frequent writer to seek ways to stay ahead of the game, or in other words, keep creativity alive and make it flow.

It’s helping me to think more seriously about art and photography. I’ve always had a good eye for balance in a photo and could sense if it would satisfy viewers. Beyond that, I didn’t look closely into what more might maximize an image’s potential.

As an example, I initially overlooked the above photo. It’s a casual shot that struck me as uninteresting. Now, my more intent focus on the elements of perspective and distance, as well as on balance, has transformed this little throwaway into an interesting mini-essay.

I stumbled into this process of self-education in art and photography. It began shortly after my elder sister passed away, and I felt a yearning to capture her essence somehow. My first thoughts were to write a poem or draw her image, neither of which I knew how to do. So, I decided to learn and began reading books on the art of creating art. Those taught of light and shadow, contour and line, form and perspective.

Some sort of camera usually is with me for capturing ideas, subjects, and visuals for my blogs. Gradually, I began seeing differently through the lens, and found myself studying objects and scenes for lights, shadows, contours, and alignments for perspective.

Here’s another throwaway, that suddenly feels appealing.


I still want to begin drawing with colored pencils. I’m timid about trying that, but becoming encouraged through a better understanding of what makes images work.

Dear Friends: It’s on to new photos, more learning, and surely on to drawing. Diana

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