Ingénue Art

Middle & North Sisters Mountains with Stream

Monday, January 20, 2020

I finally have managed to touch a pencil to paper and attempt a drawing. The inspiration to go ahead and get into action came from my artist-friend, Janet. She said that, in starting, don’t try to draw people and animals, they’re the hardest. I described some of my photos that seemed appropriate for my first drawing. One on my mind was the photo above showing the Middle and North Sisters. Janet thought that drawing mountains would be a reasonable exercise.

She explained how I could avoid feeling too intimidated by the photo. By transitioning the image into a black and white and eliminating colors, I’d make the lights and darks stand out, and thus, simplify the act of drawing.

After removing the coloration, I easily and quickly could spot the complexities that might prove overwhelming. I trimmed the image and made my chore seem friendlier. Here’s the version that I sketched.

B&W, without stream

Janet’s advice to work with black and white was right on. I used a medium-hard lead and first tackled the darkest parts. I’d never tried drawing trees, but by cross-hatching managed to simulate juniper branches. There are tree trunks (invisible in this photo) that suggest distances. After capturing trees, I outlined the center area, medium-dark and easily defined by a fringe. After having first created the darkest parts, I could estimate my drawing enough for a sense of how well its components were balanced. Happily, the widths, heights, and distances worked!

My printer won’t cooperate for a scan-in of the freehand drawing. I’ll work to resolve this and later provide an image. What’s shown might be primitive but surely will represent a happy new beginning.

Dear Friends: It’s amazing to confront a fear of failing and achieve a degree of success. Diana

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