Wednesday, January 22, 2020

After a daylong, paralyzing dose of arguing among United States Senators, I drifted off to bed dead-tired and brain-dead. Again this morning and with struggles to remain alert, I’ll follow the Senate’s mishigas about “evidence or no witnesses”. Whether anyone enjoys this spectacle or not, its process and outcome will impact significantly the progress and manner of national politics.

All afternoon while watching television, I tried to maintain some of alertness by participating simultaneously in an online drawing course. Yesterday, as much as tolerable, I practiced how to draw human eyes. My assignment was to create eye shapes and add the elements. I drew circles to represent eyeballs, and created lids, lashes, eyebrow hairs, and shadowings.

Television made me sleepy and eye-drawing became paralyzing. I believe wholeheartedly in continuous learning, and understand the difficulties of hanging-in throughout slow teachable processes. I’ll learn from the Senate show more familiarity with key players, better ability to assess their capabilities to think and present, and whether they can be on-target spontaneously.

Meanwhile, as usual and especially this time of year, I follow the local weather. Today’s temperature should climb into the 40s, with rain arriving early this afternoon. Much as I don’t want to keep the horses at home, it’s likely where they’ll stay all day.

Tonight the local driving club will meet. There’s excitement about the revival of this club and what activities it might create. I hope eventually to drive in new areas along with other drivers. More to come!

Dear Friends: Optimal physical health and brain health is a combo-maintenance. Diana

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