Sneaky Peaks

Mt. Washington

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Several days ago on an extra-clear morning, I was surprised to see through a camera Mt. Washington, from my property! I was standing in an unusual spot, scanning the Cascades, when my high-zoom viewer caught Washington’s “German helmet”.

Through my years living here, taking photos of these mountains, I’ve seen, sometimes north beyond the “Three Sisters”, another mountain, appearing fuzzy. I’ve assumed it’s Mt. Jefferson. Here it’s shown in a past-photo.

Mt Jefferson (?)

My neighbor has pointed out that the mountain doesn’t appear to be Jefferson, which is topped with a “very prominent hat”. My photo lacks that identifier, but it shows which peak?

The other day, I moved into a northernmost position and took a new photo of the “mystery mountain”. The very clear atmosphere again revealed Mt. Washington’s distinctive peak!

Mt Washington (?)

Now, I’m confused. If these are photos of Washington, what is that previous peak that seems a different mountain? It’s surely not “Three-Finger Jack” (tallest peak between Washington and Jefferson). I kept changing my position and peering through the lens to double-check, feeling certain of looking at two different mountains. But both turned out to look exactly like Mt. Washington!

I’m wondering, reconsidering, and planning. Soon, I’ll be outside with the camera, to identify exactly the peaks visible from my property. We’re headed toward new clear days. Our rising temps rise are about to climb into the 50s.

Dear Friends: Despite years living near & seeing those peaks, they’re always mysterious. Diana

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