Words As An Art

Rain In The Night

Friday, January 24, 2020

Forgive me for writing about an impeachment process, even while respecting individual points of view. I avoid sounding political, but over the past few days, and especially, in last night’s closing argument, the litigator knocked my socks off. Typically, Adam Schiff’s style and performance show he’s very bright, organized, and contained. Recently, in a stepped-up role, Schiff demonstrated that he can argue very powerfully. He summarized, clearly and logically, while tapping deeply-held ideas and emotions. He commanded attention to key points and desired outcomes.

I love witnessing high skills with words! Not those thrown out but words with real meanings. Schiff tied his ideas to public emotions, by evoking Colonel Vinman’s phrase, “Right matters”. He repeatedly employing that phrase throughout his closing argument–the second time those words have been impactful. The first was when Vinman himself spoke them.

Maybe that’s what woke me around midnight, thinking about words and wanting to write a poem. A meaningful topic eluded me, but my head began designing how to identify and funnel ideas. I took pencil and pad and focused on describing the soft sounds of falling rain. My working title became, “Midnight Rain”.

I didn’t start by trying to write in a poetic style. Instead, I created word groupings related to my senses. For example, under the topic “Touch”, are bark, bannister, stump, rock, sand. Under the topic “Scent”, are junipers, grass, soil, air. And similar, I associated words to the other senses. My idea was to build a poem around senses newly reawakened by soft rain. My draft pad would supply most words.

Creating the lists required lots of thought, and before I could draft a poem my eyelids began feeling heavy. Setting aside my list, I crawled into bed, and with a now-empty brain, fell asleep.

Dear Friends: With preliminary poems and sketches, some creativity should evolve. Diana

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