Raining Mist

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The above photo, and my word-notebook describing “midnight rain”, have inspired this stanza:

You pause peering steadily into heavy mist

That mutes all colors, obscures most objects

Except for weeds highlighting a smooth bark. This light rain

Denies any glimpse of sparkling prism.


I’ve struggled to create drawings and words, probably to release some internal mishegoss. My ability to draw with pen and pencil has over the years regressed to a beginner’s level. But I’ve been trying to draw and feel encouraged by those efforts.

My word skills don’t lend themselves naturally to writing poetry. I’ve little grasp on what’s to be understood before one may create good poems. I’m again trying, however. One night during rain, I created a “ragged outline” of words, they represented moods and senses associated to dampness. Finally tired and unable to do more, I set the notes aside.

This morning, on letting the dogs outside and seeing another light rain, I decided to revisit the challenge of referring to my notebook to create a poem. Above is a first draft, well, really not the first, because organizing the words, and making sense of them (to me, at least), has consumed many early hours.

Dear Friends: Just want to say that my sleeves are rolled-up as my brain works. Diana

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