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Newest Drawing Project

Sunday, January 26, 2020

My friend, Janet, and I shared several creative, fun hours practicing our drawing skills. I’ll briefly describe my art skills as in an “early-learning stage”. Janet is a trained artist, talented and generous, willing to share her knowledge and art supplies.

We began by working inside after searching our computers for images that attracted us. After making selections, we began with pencils transferring to paper what we saw. Janet kept mumbling that she doesn’t draw well, and for sure I don’t. Before long, we decided to expand our drawing options by traveling outside in search of plein aire opportunities.

We went to an old barn I’d thought about, a dilapidated structure that didn’t suit our needs. So, we drove on, and Janet spotted another barn, bigger, redder, in decent condition. Standing nearby were mature trees, and under them grazed a mix of sheep and goats. We emerged from the car with pencils and papers and began drawing.

The attractive scene turned out too complex for me to conquer. I focused on drawing the barn, a straightforward-appearing structure. But this artist couldn’t render it in three dimensions. I did lots of erasing, starting over, and turning my paper onto its clear side for another stab at drawing that barn.

We worked there for maybe fifteen minutes before I gave up and ambled over to see Janet’s work. Her page captured everything–clearly, logically, finely. She’d drawn the barn, trees, grasses and animals, and sky with clouds. Janet’s work belies her words. She can draw!

I realized my fortune in knowing a person of talent, willing to share ideas and efforts. Janet seemed pleased to again be drawing. We’ll arrange future outings for plein aire.

This encourages me to keep practicing, to capture on paper objects and scenes. To draw images as attractive and compelling as in photos or reality.

Dear Friends: It helps to know my efforts have been assessed as off to a good start. Diana

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