Status Quo


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

My beyond-smart and sad-appearing donkey is an eye-catcher. A viewer on seeing her does a double-take before pausing to admire my equine trio. These calm easy animals are pleasant to watch and they enjoy people. Folks in the neighborhood have stories about a donkey or horses they’ve known. Perhaps they’ve cared for large animals, or simply seen them grazing, or have watched trained equines performing in an arena.

My animals and I live on the outskirts of town in an area popularly considered as country. That’s not accurate, for in reality this neighborhood is country-like, maybe resembles real country but isn’t. It has too many homes, and although on small acreages many boast large groomed areas. The bottom line is that the area hosts few farmlike animals.

The occasional horses, mules, and goats aren’t not easily apparent. One must know where to find them. When I leave my horses and donkey grazing on a neighbor’s pasture, they’re visible and draw the attention of folks hungry for a sign of real country.

Nonetheless there’s comfort, for neighborhoods like mine host lots of beautiful animals. Like deer, usually a small herd of does with a few juveniles. The deer pick and graze their way along established trails across public lands and private properties. When my dogs noisily announce that deer are coming through, I peer out in hopes of watching as the graceful leggy animals work onward to a property belonging to one or another neighbor.

Periodically during the year, male deer show up. They usually travel as singles or in small groups. As rutting seasons near, more boys appear. Many simply are magnificent.

It’s lovely to live in a pocket of almost-country. It’s where one still may keep domestic large animals, and occasionally see wild animals in open spaces. It’s fortunate that areas like this still exist, despite explosive new construction designed to accommodate bunches of folks on the move.

Dear Friends: Someday semi-rural areas will be highly developed, but now are wonderful. Diana

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