Wednesday, January 29, 2020

My next drawing project will be using pencil to recreate the above photo into a black and white scene. Those interesting fence lines create perspective and balance. It’s a scene that suggests the early west, tickles a horse-person’s imagination. Yep, a powerful view.

These days the outdoor lighting has been clouded by rain. Subdued lighting alters the appearance of natural elements. Of course, camera lens are sensitive to everything that’s unusually light or dark.

This weather has changed the typical appearances of familiar scenes and elements. They look very different when reflecting more natural light. Here’s another capture during our subdued lighting.

This photo’s brightest elements are fence, signpost, and almost cloudless sky. The intersection now looks cold, but in bright natural light this is an inviting sight.

In the old days, I’d have tossed aside these two photos and sought prettier and more friendly others. Experience provides more knowledge and changes us, however, by shifting to higher levels how we see and understand. My camera is turning into a powerful teacher.

A camera, along with other creative elements, like art, words, and music. In the end, all flow together in ways that make it impossible to consider them as events separate from one another.

Dear Friends: Experience that changes perceptions carries us toward new journeys. Diana

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