A Drop Out

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Today, I’m cancelling subscriptions to broadband, major newspapers, and email briefings. It’s too much, starting with this nation’s stunning escape from international climate initiatives and severing of agreements with Iran, to now, impeachment processes and the piece de resistance this morning of an “Iowa glitch”.

Please, no more of such racket, please. I’ll kill it and instead read lots of books, work on art projects, try to write poetry, search for streaming videos that may please, and ride horseback often. It feels essential to seek comfort by reducing world-noise. One may find in one’s own space pockets of comfort.

I imagine no urgent feelings to hurry home and watch, trying to absorb and understand what’s hot in the news. I’ll be happy to focus on blog topics without those stresses and fears encouraged by daily-exploding news.

Who understands really what’s happening in the larger world, internationally and nationally? My education and experience always taught it’s okay to to assume that leaders already know, or will learn quickly, how to lead effectively. These days, leadership no longer seems similar nor makes sense.

I’ve reaped rewards from the years that offered easy accesses to education, profession, and retirement. Those benefits today are less accessible and rewarding. The changes have been driven by environmental, monetary, and political decisions. Above all, we now are witness to the obvious and blatant driving by individuals for access to power, and how they conive to hold onto power.

Who’d be surprised eventually to learn that perhaps Russia is behind Iowa’s caucus glitch?

I’ve not regarded highly those who choose to drop out. But happily, it’s a choice that still exists. It facilitates turning inward and toward one’s personal zones for comfort.

Dear Friends: Historically, “bad things” have straightened-out, and still, we hope. Diana

One thought on “A Drop Out

  1. It is surely hard not to feel discouraged and disillusioned these days. Trump and his followers have jammed up our moral compasses. I truly fear for our country. 😌

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