Got Goats?

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

As we began our quarter-mile walk home in yesterday’s late afternoon, snow was falling.

When a vehicle approaches from behind, Rosie’s turning head warns me. I move us closer to the roadside. Yesterday, insead of passing by, the driver stopped her car and said, “I love seeing your horses. If ever you need help with them, I’d love to help!”

“Pull over, let’s swap phone numbers!” She did, exited her car, and as snow became heavier, we chatted.

She explained that she used to have horses and loves them, mentioning that now she has goats. The goats rang a bell in my head. I asked, “Are they black and white?” She nodded. My next question, “Are they penned beside the canal?” Another affirmative response.

Ha! Her goats were the little black and white animals that long ago frightened my Sunni.

As Sunni pulled a cart with our passenger and me alongside the canal, we neared that pen housing my new friend’s goats. Those two goats were standing stock-still and watching us, but suddenly moved, surprising the horse. Sunni went into flight mode, swinging around her body and the cart a full 180-degrees. Almost instantly and to her credit, Sunni stopped on command. I quickly moved us away from that area and never returned.

Since then and over a couple of summers, I’ve driven Sunni almost daily. That was the single time my trusty, safe horse almost bolted. And now, the person belonging to those goats was standing on the roadside, in the snow with me and the horses, capturing my phone number. We will arrange to get together. And I’ll take Sunni to the canal to meet those goats.

Yesterday was another fine event of “horses as friend magnets”. Folks who’ve previously been around or worked with horses don’t “get over” the experience. If there’s a horse-past in the back of one’s mind, it flashes alive upon sighting a horse.

Also, in relation to yesterday’s serendipitous meeting, I happen to love goats. Have a couple of little cuties myself.

Dear Friends: My horses keep bringing this neighborhood so alive, it’s such fun! Diana

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