The Bird & A Hill

Thursday, February 06, 2020

I stopped in my tracks, did a double-take, and tiptoed toward what appeared to be a large predatory bird perched on a rock. That didn’t make sense, and of course, the rock assumption was spot-on. What had caused the bird-look on an overcast afternoon was unusual shadowing. Anyway, the vision tickled me as does the photo. This image seems an easy model to follow, to draw a bird and maybe perch it upon a rock. A marriage of potential and fantasy.

That same day after getting a neighbor’s permission, I climbed a rocky property. From its top and way into the distance a range appeared that’s likely part of the Powell Buttes.

That climb, an adventure of discovery, took me into an area full of deer hoofprints and none human but from my steps. Everywhere are rocks covered in moss and lichen, branches untrimmed and overhanging, and from on high great views.

This morning, my time is short, but lots of cool photos soon will guide more description of that little splendid hill.

Dear Friends: Every sight becomes an adventure in learning, to grab with a camera. Diana

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