Climbing For Light

Friday, February 07, 2020

After turning the horses out to pasture, I glanced up and saw this cutie grazing nearby. She didn’t seem particularly afraid but did keep an eye on me. I moved carefully, got close enough to raise a camera slowly before snapping the photo. Then she decided to wander off.

A lovely thing about the pasture on which my horses graze is that, often, deer amble through, usually several, and occasionally a loner like the doe in my photo. A fellow who lives on an adjoining property feeds the deer and attracts many of the animals into this area.

Yesterday, after leaving my horses on pasture and while passing the deer feeder’s home, I saw two magnificent bucks, nearby, standing stock-still and watching me. My camera wasn’t handy, but today it will be, and maybe those two still will be in the neighborhood.

I mentioned earlier having climbed a neighbor’s unimproved and rocky high hill. I found myself in semi-wilderness, a beautiful little spot. I’ve been looking through my photos for a couple that well represents the area. Here they are.

Path Upward
Highlighted brush
Overcast view at the top

To my surprise, I’ve begun to appreciate mosses: their diversity and colors. Recently, great spreads of mosses have been among my favorite discoveries. Up in that little semi-wild area, lots of mosses thrive, all over the ground and on lava rocks. This interesting rock hosts two varieties of healthy beautiful mosses. My plant identifier-app names the mosses, “Silvergreen” and “Pincushion”.

Soon, I will re-climb that hill, to focus my camera and identifier-app on more mosses and to learn more about the plants. In our current weather, however, one never knows. If my next climb is on a day with an atmosphere clear and beautiful, and the Cascades are visible, I could become sidetracked and my lens seduced.

Dear Friends: Our environment is what matters, with all the “simple things” it offers. Diana

One thought on “Climbing For Light

  1. As you know, We either walk with the dogs or ride every day. Especially when we walk we can explore the vast number of fascinating twisted Junipers, mosses, outcroppings of lava, etc. So grounding. One can almost forget about the sad and alarming state of our diminishing democracy. I love the photo of the pretty doe with wagon wheel. 😊

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