A Red Doberman

Bally @ 4 yrs. old

Monday, February 17, 2020

I’m creating a monster, or putting it more gently, a couple little goats have begun demanding that I take them for walks. Always, upon my routine approaches to our goat ‘n chicken pen, their greetings are noisy, and especially, when they see me bringing little tubs with grains and breadcrumbs. Now though, having joined me several times to stroll through the neighborhood, upon my approach they’re more excited, with greetings escalated to ear-splitting.

I’m learning anew these little characters and love recognizing their intelligence and alertness. As a hat-tip to their step-up in status, each sports a brand-new collar and I.D. tag.

As I dashed into the pet store for collars and tags, I stopped short upon sighting a gorgeous red Doberman with recently-trimmed and taped ears. I reached out to the friendly puppy. Oh, how I love Dobermans, especially red ones!

My all-time, most-loved canine companion, Bally, was a red Doberman. For many years, we were a team, she always beside me. I joined the local dog club, learned to show her in conformation classes, and for a couple of years we traveled the circuit. Our best win was a second-place, from a nationally-known judge who was a Doberman expert. I was in a group that joined him for dinner, and he told me that he loved Bally, but that we were out-shown by a very experienced handler. His reassurance about Bally’s conformation, although pleasing, ended my interest in showing her competitively. Instead, we worked on obedience and she earned a C.D. (Companion Dog) title.

Anyway, as I was loving that red pup, her owner muttered something. When I looked up–Surprise!–it’s my friend, Buzz! This puppy is his? “What are you doing with a Doberman puppy?”

“It’s our breed, she’s our forth Doberman.”

Well, who knew!

Buzz and I met as members of ham radio groups and stayed in touch. He’s a technology expert, and periodically, we meet over coffee to catch up with each other. We discuss whatever’s new in our lives, and also, the nuts and bolts of ham- and/or internet-related technologies.

We’ve begun planning to meet again. Maybe he’ll bring his puppy, and I’ll find some photos of Bally. We’ll exchange experiences with the breed, and what we like or maybe don’t like (referring to judges, dog breeders, and fears associated to the breed).

How fun, all this!

Dear Friends: Old pictures bring Bally alive again, almost as if she’s here beside me. Diana

2 thoughts on “A Red Doberman

  1. Beautiful dog! Dave loves Dobermans, too. He worked on a dairy farm that bred them. Long ago. 😊

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