Play Outings


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

It’s nearly impossible to get a decent photo of Miles. Yesterday though, as I walked with the dogs he suddenly emerged from a nearby “brush cave” and slowed by the weeds. Of course, it’s a fuzzy image, but no kidding, I always must look for Miles. He’s fast, most often appears as a “sweeping glimpse”. Nonetheless, this fellow never loses track of his pack. After our outing trek has shifted toward the parking area, he totally disappears from sight, having dashed ahead, to the Jeep (left open for him), and is waiting in the passenger seat.

Often, there’s Osix, waiting, too. As we trek, she stays close to me, but likes to join Miles as a “first in the Jeep” once we’re pointed in its direction.


Ranger and little Louie stay near me throughout a trek. Ranger is a worrier, running ahead and out of sight but often hurrying back to check on me. Louie usually is visible, just plain cute, or pausing to roll in something putrid.

Ranger checking on me, and Louie moving on

Yesterday, that outing was one of several. There’s no explaining (aside from having consumed a big lunch) why I became so active. Early that day, the horses and I walked the quarter-mile to our neighbor’s pasture where they stayed. Next, I walked to several neighbors’ to tap on their doors and ask for permissions to cross their properties while walking my goats. With solid “go-aheads”, I leashed the two and took them for long stroll.

Crossing a neighbor’s place

Now, the piece de resistance. After letting the dogs go running and wearing themselves out, I did something I’ve long considered but never tried. I used a couple of tandem leads to connect the four dogs and somehow got them down to the street for a walk. For awhile, we were a jumbled-mess. They had to learn to walk together, as I sought the strength to keep control. (Sorry, no photos!)

Last night, during a few sleepless minutes, I decided it’s time to go horseback riding. It’s been too long since the horses, donkey, and dogs–all together, joined me for a play-outing.

Dear Friends: Psychedelics might not have offered more fun than yesterday’s outings. Diana

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