Saturday, February 22, 2020

My neighbor, Frank, said that he creates smoothies for his dogs, by combining banana, non-fat yogurt, and peanut butter. After blending everything, he pours the smoothie into small cups, tops them with dog-treats, and freezes the cups. Frank says his dogs tear into their cups, always loving every lick and chew.

I borrowed his idea, and after collecting the ingredients, hurried home and dumped all into a blender. I found carry-out paper cups and used scissors to reduce them for individual portions. The header photo shows my outcomes. They were rock-hard frozen, would my dogs recognize them as treats?

The dogs didn’t hesitate and immediately figured out how to get their noses into the cups. They went nuts, and later, carried into the house torn cup papers to lick. So cool, and today, I’ll create more pup-smoothies.

In late morning, I led the horses down the road to a neighbor’s pasture. On my way home and drawn to the rocky steep hill belonging to another neighbor, I climbed piles of lava rock. I wanted to reach the highest spot and here’s the challenge.

The worthwhile payoff was a view of my horses grazing (photo cropped to bring closer the horses.)

The day only had begun. Next, I allowed my goats to join me for an outing. For the first time, they were loose. I wondered if they’d follow me around on the property. In this photo and just out of the gate, they’re nibbling fallen juniper needles.

Gradually, I moved toward a higher spot where there grew lots of grass. Although not at all in a hurry, they continued drifting my way, always exploring.

Finally, after the goats were re-penned, and the horses collected, brought home and fed, I felt worn out and ready early for bed. Of course I awakened early, and so, began writing in a journal. By putting thoughts into a new pretty, hard-bound book, I’ll be forced to handwrite, an almost-lost skill after years of non-use. It’s become that writing by hand feels awkward, looks like scribble, and hopefully, practicing will improve action and readability.

Dear Friends: A fine day, of varied activities, yielded insights and offered fun. Diana

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