Uh, Oh!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

After days of almost constant busyness, yesterday I slipped toward motionless. After taking the horses across the road to John’s pasture, and en route home, I discovered that my septic tank has sprung a leak. Judging from a standing puddle, it’s a sizeable hole. I found the problem site by following (kind description) a scent.

Well, fixing the septic won’t be easy or inexpensive, and the possibilities sapped most of my energy. Shortly later, and more disheartening, the voting tabulations came in from Las Vegas. It seems to me that Bernie’s “change all” enthusiasms are overly optimistic. I needed comfort from smells and politics, so clicked off the tube. I picked up rags and a can of dust-off, and roamed and cleaned throughout the afternoon.

What’s good is knowing that a stretch of time may ease bruising. This morning, my challenges feel less bombastic. I’ll face whatever’s ahead to repair my damaged septic.

Dear Friends: Owning a home is a mixed-bag of rewards and challenges. Diana

6 thoughts on “Uh, Oh!

  1. Bummer re septic issue. Not pleasant. Not sure what to think of Bernie’s chances. Unsettling times for sure. Ours critters keep us mostly grounded.

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  2. Diana, I think we used Brian Cyrus at Obsidian Excavation in Redmond who was fantastic to replace our tank about 10 years ago. Bob Hamilton had to do major drain field spork and tank replacement and Cyrus was busy, but he was happy with who he used. I’ll try to find out. Do you know specifically what is causing the problem. i.e. tank is actually leaking, tank needs pumping, or drain field blocked by tree roots. We had an old steel tank that rusted out. I thought it was going to be best to replace it with a concrete one but it turns out that would have required massive heavy equipment and cutting several trees. A fiberglass tank lasts just as long and 4 guys can carry it in. On the positive side this dry winter is a good time to do excavation work.

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  3. Thanks, Bill. I was going to call you in hopes of getting a recommendation. I’ll get in touch with Brian. My tank is fiberglas & was pumped a couple years ago. Leak might be from a hose (fingers crossed). This tank has been in service many years, was installed by folks previous to me, so who knows. I’ve spent the last couple days getting my head around this unwelcome challenge. Will keep you posted.


  4. You may may not actually need Brian if it isn’t the tank itself. Where is the leak relative to the tank? You may need to start with a septic service company. The tank may need pumping or you might have tree roots blocking the line. I am assuming nothing seems to be backed up between the house and the tank. I’ve used both McDonald and Abe Jones who were good. (I’d go with McDonald first.) Also Bob Hamilton across the street from us had to have major drain field work several years ago. Bian was busy and he went with another company. I’ll check with him.

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