Prithee, Why So?

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I am living with a now-unpleasant septic tank site and constant feelings of yukiness. Unhappily, I’ve stared at a septic tank overflowed and surrounded by gunk. I’ve peered deeply into a just-pumped chasm and seen water dripping in from the house-side, from nowhere easily identifiable. My guide, the pump guy, advised me to change toilet flappers, and also, because of a possible clog in the system, seek help from an expert with drain field experience.

So, without having ever dreamed of this, I went shopping for toilet flappers. Those already in the toilet tanks looked okay, seemed to perform correctly, but the septic-pump guy insisted that, even if a flapper looks good, it could be leaking, helping to overfill the septic. So, there I went, not only to shop for flappers–but to install them, and easily (thanks again, YouTube!). What’s worst is finding someone who’s available before the chasm fills again to check for a possible clog.

There’s also a concern about this septic’s location. For instance, the home’s previous owners long ago dug a space for it atop a steep hill. They reinforced tank and hillside by stacking lava rocks high and up against the tank wall. The hilltop location and rocky support don’t seem up to code, but upon my purchasing this home, the combo passed inspection without a mention of code violation.

It’s interesting to consider the amount of much water one might use and how. These days, I’m cautious about flushing a toilet, avoid using clothes-washing and dish-washing machines, and can’t brush away a tendency to “remember the septic!” while brushing my teeth.

Today, hopefully, the tank will remain unfilled while I’m away at my part-time job. Horrors, if those new flappers haven’t stopped the constant leaking that was coming from the septic’s house-side.

Dear Friends: Oh, for those good old, unconcerning days of living with a city sewer system! Diana

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