Keep On Truckin’

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I was wide awake around midnight and let the dogs out briefly before deciding to sit awhile and read or knit. A quick glance at my cellphone showed thoughts of Zoe Pearl, in her article for The New Yorker, where she’s into “virtual imagery that would make [her] run faster on the elliptical”.

She’s into fantasies intended to motivate ongoing endurance. Several of them made me laugh out loud. There’s one that’s my favorite: “If I run a mile in less than ten minutes, my therapist appears and tells me that I’m her favorite patient and she wishes I were her daughter.”

That fantasy is a very deep wish of folks in therapy and finding the process good and useful. The same deep wish also is a lingering left-over for those who, in the past and over time, have discussed deeply-held feelings with talented therapists. I was fortunate to have spent years talking with a therapist who helped me reshape some mental kinks.

Zoe Pearl’s fantasy, of being her therapist’s favorite patient and wishing Zoe were her daughter, seems familiar to me as an old shoe. That’s a want that’s never fallen to the past or been discarded. It’s deep and I don’t try reaching for it, but can remember and understand the author. I laughed and appreciated.

The whole essay is clever and entertaining. Pearl comes up with assorted fantasies–mental motivations–that keep her “going and doing more” on the boring elliptical. Here’s a link to her ideas:

Dear Friends: I love the courageous and talented, able to say “how it is, who they are”. Diana

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