Thursday, February 27, 2020

Turns out that occasionally a really bad lemon generates fairly good lemonade. Yesterday, my bad-lemon septic, still needing a fixer and waiting for help, finally saw expertise arriving. She drove a heavy-duty truck and towed a trailer carrying a huge excavator, with a helper following in another vehicle. After having finished a job on Bend’s West Side, they finally had the time to address my situation.

So, I met Melissa Fox, owner/operator of M. Fox Enterprises LLC. She and her helper, Greg, went straight to work, did some digging, moved big rocks, and rather quickly diagnosed my septic’s problem. It’s outtake pipe had shifted in the ground, and now, pointing upwards prevented fluids from exiting the tank. Their challenge was to dig out and free the pipe, and then, level, reposition, and reconnect it.

My septic is in an unusual spot and in fairly unstable soil. That didn’t deter Melissa and Greg. As they did the digging, lifting, and rearranging, I asked how it happens that there’s an M. Fox Enterprises. Melissa said that for years she worked with her dad in his septic business. Their plan was that when he retired, at age 73, she’d take over the company, but instead, her dad decided to keep working. So, Melissa started her own company. (Several times her phone rang, and dad was calling to ask questions about how to handle something he was working on.)

Melissa’s primary business is excavating, but she accepts referral work on septics. After fixing mine, she explained that my septic has begun the process of “collapsing on itself”. Ultimately, if it needs replacing, she can do that. Impressed by her efficiency, I asked her to build a roadway down to the barn from my parking area. For years, I’ve dreamed of this road to ease crossings in Gater or Jeep.

Speaking of ladies driving big trucks, I pulled into a Costco parking space and next to a big, brand-new one-ton Dodge dually. Inside, my friend, Jen, sat with her son, Brody. We spent a while catching up, and Jen promises that soon we’ll go together, to ride in that truck–and she’ll let me drive!

Dear Friends: The day’s events serendipitously turned into lots of fun. Diana

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