Icelandic Horses in Snowstorm (New York Times Photo)

Saturday, February 29, 2020

The terrific header photo is a steal from today’s NYT (“Best Photos of the Week”). Its energy and arrangement lend unending possibilities to any art media. This image would captivate equally as a pastel, oil, or watercolor. Besides, horses are fabulous subjects.

If I were in the market for another horse, I’d search for an Icelandic. They’re compact, gaited, tough, and shaggy. Beautiful animals!

Internet photo, open source

Icelandic Horses are strong enough to carry heavy weights. They also clean up nicely. These gaited horses can move effortlessly in what’s known as “tolting”. Here’s an image of an Icelandic being ridden by someone large. They’re going strong in a tolt.

Internet photo, open source

I am eager for my personal artistic interests in photography and creative art to become better developed. I want to become skilled enough to make a great, original photo-capture. One that I’d want to translate by hand to another media.

Dear Friends: A great and powerful photo image stimulates imagination and dreaming. Diana

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