Howdy, Spring!

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Today, I’ll be working at Costco. It will become a rough afternoon with lots of customers looking for products to keep them safe through this Coronavirus period.

Late yesterday, I bumped into my neighbor, Bill, out walking his dog. He lamented his decision earlier in the day to shop at Costco. He said the warehouse was jam packed, and at one point, checkout lines were backed nearly to the refrigeration area. In carts were generators and other products geared for lifesaving. No wonder that nowadays one of the Market’s hottest stocks is Clorox.

Earlier, I considered the risk of picking up Coronavirus while en route to Lowe’s for a Craftsman battery-operated chain saw. Craftsman used to be associated with Sears, has a great reputation, and now, Lowe’s carries the brand. I have a battery-operated Craftsman pole chain saw (it cuts up to fourteen feet high). Its battery is powerful, and oiling and cleaning the chain is easier than with a gunky gas saw.

Today, I suppose it’s appropriate to consider the risk of airborne Coronavirus in Costco. Active cases of the virus have begun showing up here in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley sent a personalized email explaining the danger and how we might protect ourselves. He didn’t say “Don’t go to Lowe’s, don’t go to Costco.” Commerce must continue and I’ll do my part.

Before leaving for work, I’ll remove some limbs. If I can limb a number of trees high enough so that my horses may wander safely among them, I’d create a grazing area on my property–something I’ve long wanted. A dislike of dirty gas saws with their hard-to-pull starters has held me back.

I’m impressed, by improvements in modern battery technology, and still by Craftsman, our old trusted and tried friend.

Dear Friends: It’s all about spring, it’s arrived early, and also finally, convincingly. Diana

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