Highs & Lows

Lunching on cut branches

Monday, March 02, 2020

The dogs were outside, pressed against the fence and barking nonstop. Something in front, usually someone walking a dog past our place, but the barking seemed extra-intense. And Peaches was screaming, too. I looked through a window, and boom, saw a small herd of does moving slowly. They were particularly interested in a section of the property.

Spring weight good, condition great

I stood in a most unusual spot for taking photos, stock-still and peering through the window glass (not very clean) in my back door. The deer could sense they were being watched. After focusing on the door, they ignored it as I froze. When they turned away, I slipped off for a camera and took these photos through window glass.

I didn’t imagine them to turn out well, and this morning they’re a surprise. Pleasant memories of seeing deer do what comes naturally. They had drifted toward juniper limbs, cut and piled earlier that day as I practiced tree-trimming with my new chain saw.

Like my two little goats (a species which by the way is related to deer) the does enjoyed those fresh juniper needles. They hung around awhile, despite the barking dogs.

We’re being watched?
No worries

They reminded me to haul some cut branches over to the goats who’ll also enjoy them.

Another bright note, this week I’ll knit with my friend’s knitting group. He (Grant) is a fabulous knitter who knits regularly with 15 or 20 others who meet frequently. He says that the participants have various skill-levels, reassuring because I know only the knit and purl stitches. At least, they can create garments and projects. It’ll be inspiring, being among experienced knitters, learning from them.

Costco again was a madhouse yesterday. The warehouse had run out of sanitizing wipes and such. People were buying bunches of pancake mix and such. Anything to kill germs and to feed folks over what might be the long haul of Coronavirus-avoidance. I’ll be working today, interested to learn what else has disappeared from stock, and watching what’s in customers’ baskets. It’s an interesting time, indeed.

Dear Friends: These days, so many deer coming through and they’re lovely to see. Diana

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