Draggin’ ‘n Burnin’


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

What’s cut down usually must go away. Yesterday, to deal with mountains of discarded tree branches, I had to drag and burn. Yes I know, most of us dislike open air burning, which I’ve managed to avoid for years. This week, however, facing piles of discarded trimmings, burning has seemed my easiest option.

An option is one thing, another is physical activity. Starting a fire was challenging enough. The flames had to be in a very open area, so my fire was a long way from its intended victims. The dragging was burdensome, and besides, trash wet from rains on the previous day caused lots of smoke. Tossing into the fire also meant avoiding smoke-burned eyes.

In the afternoon, my friends and neighbors, Bill and Grant, arrived to cut and collect firewood. They helped lots with everything. Bill focused on cutting firewood.

Bill cutting firewood

Grant and I dragged and burned. After clearing recent discards, we began removing old, now rotten branches that originally were piled as critter covers.

Grant has a wonderful eye for possibilities. He uncovered an old wood joint and pointed out that beautiful lichens and mosses were growing. He photographed the wood’s impressive growths, and we propped the piece against a tree for keeping. I’m calling it “Lil’ Grant” and will describe it in detail on another day.

“Lil’ Grant”
Grant, collecting wood

We managed to clear property, move firewood, complete the burning, and finish with an hour of daylight left. I hurried down the road to collect the horses. On seeing me, they went into lots of galloping and kicking. Pimmy was a bigger-than-usual hoot, cantering and braying. Equinies, happy to see me.

As for them, yesterday was their final full day on pasture. Growing spring grass, young and green, is sugary, rich and fattening. They’ll get limited access, starting now. Sigh!

Dear Friends: Highly-productive days are rewarding, and ours relieved me greatly. Diana

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