Emptier Big-Boxes

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I took tax documents to a preparer in Redmond and on the way home stopped at Target. I needed a few things, some of which I’d found previously at this store. Yesterday, shopping put me into a “corona shock”. There were many partially-empty or all-empty shelves. For example, an item on my list, almond milk, was available among a few cartons of it.

After adding several personal care items to my cart, I wandered through the store. On my mind was the ladies wear department where I’d look at jeans. There were stacks of jeans, but too few, and none in petite sizes that match my leg-length. Searching through the stacks reminded me that much clothing comes from international sources that create it. Today’s Coronavirus scare prevents shippers from moving goods in adequate amounts and frequencies.

This Coronavirus stuff has become confused in my brain with previous embargo stuff occurring over the past year. I’m no economist and can’t fully understand decisions about what and how much now is allowed into this country, specifically from China. Whatever’s already difficult to comprehend is exacerbated by new and more-restricted shipping because of virus frights.

I’m a confused shopper, who like others wonders if my supplies of disinfectants, soaps, toilet paper, and tissues might last, and what’s possible as they disappear. These worries are so much worse for folks having large families and consuming products in volume.

Secretly, I’m happy that I’ve a supply of long-lasting camping/survival foods. Several years ago on bringing a big box of these foods home from Costco, I felt a little embarrassed. I’m no survivalist-type, so wasn’t certain what motivated that purchase. Occasionally, I’ve looked at that survival box and the space it consumes, have considered getting rid of it. Now, and possibly, it was a great serendipitous purchase.

This short-supply, virus business has many thinking in ways rational and irrational. Rationally, we believe our leaders will work out matters of public safety and product imports. Irrationally, we want to stockpile our usual needs.

Dear Friends: Of course, our crashing stock market emphasizes all the confusions. Diana

One thought on “Emptier Big-Boxes

  1. We are living through stressful and confusing times for sure! Glad we can play with our horses and dogs at least!đŸ¥´

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