Observing Reality

Twisted juniper, framing a skyview

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My adventure in Costco yesterday won’t be repeated soon. I was anticipating that seeing a crowded parking lot would send me home, or that once inside the store I needed assurance that social distancing was being practiced. Well, so much for anticipation, beginning when I arrived. The parking lot was jammed. A line of seniors began at the tire section door and wrapped around the building. We seniors marched in lockstep. One guy sneezed once, and although straight into a handkerchief, I felt myself cringing. Inside the store, many shoppers made social distancing impossible.

All of us were in food sections with clothing and appliance areas left empty. We found purchasing limitations, like only one rotertossorie chicken and just one organic raw chicken per customer. I wanted whole raw chickens and bought several. Like everyone else, I pushed through aisles for more, like beverages, bread, cheese, salad, avocados and oranges.

Costco has been a friendly place where folks were meeting, greeting, chatting. Yesterday, none of that existed. People were focused, stone-faced, quietly pushing past one another. Many wearing face masks and gloves made visual and more possible infection spread.

Certainly, there’s no doing things as normal. Yesterday, a mobile veterinarian called to cancel her visit to my house. My farrier has asked if I want to postpone his visit to trim hooves, and I’m thinking that might be wise.

We retirees might feel less pressured than folks younger–still working and facing layoffs, trying to manage after becoming cooped with restless children. But for every one of this this situation stinks.

Dear Friends: Today I’ll try to be more creative and turn captivity into advantage. Diana

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