Thursday, March 26, 2020

I spent most of yesterday burning juniper limbs previously cut and piled. The work awaiting my attention looked huge, and was. Creating those piles had taken several days for trimming, loading, and hauling. Finally, now a fire (I’m getting better at starting one), and ahead, more hours of dragging brush.

My primarily motivation has been being outside, physically active, and at least maybe beautifying the place. It seemed that something else, too, might be behind these activities. Later, while drinking a beer and watching my fire burn down, more ideas surfaced. In the beginning, I had fantasies of creating a driving trail that would follow the property borders. But much of this place is rocky, in fact, bedrocked. Pulling a cart over bedrock might wear too much on my horse, and certainly, bumping along in it would be the end of me.

The burning fire, cold beer, and a bit of hanging out encouraged my new plan. I will ride horseback on the property! With most of the invasive limbs removed, my horse can take me anywhere–along the border, through the middle, and wherever. She will move easily under limbs, and best, no branches threatening to knock me from my saddle.

It’s pleasing to know various motivations for doing all the hard work, and especially, figuring out that the results needn’t simply be cosmetic.

Dear Friends: Ahead, in another day of Coronavirus-capture, let’s stay motivated! Diana

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